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My Approach:
My approach to instruction is different than what you may have encountered in the past. My single goal is to help you meet your playing goals, whatever those may be.
I accomplish this by utilizing what I call a coaching approach. Golf is the only sport/activity where the dialog usually goes something like this:
Student: "I would like to take a lesson."
Instructor: "Sure, how does Tuesday at noon sound?"
Student: "Sounds Great! See you then."
Tuesday at noon:
Instructor (on lesson tee): "What would you like to work on today?"
Student: " about (insert possibly mis-directed activity here)
Can you picture the effectiveness of this approach if it were applied to a high-school, college, or professional sport setting? I'm guessing your idea of how this would work is not favorable.
Even a personal trainer (coach) at the gym does not operate this way. In every case, the coach learns about the student and tailors a specific approach and set of activities to help the athlete reach their stated goals. Accountability is built in and expected. Why should golf be any different?
This is the basis of my philosophy, which is why I stopped offering individual single lessons. You and I will work through and fine-tune your goals and I'll advise you on what it will take to reach those goals. Should you decide to commit to the custom program, you own me as an instructor.
We will meet as often as we need to. This can be done face to face or via my online coaching app because I'm on your phone, I go everywhere you go. You will receive practice assignments with an expectation to report results to me so I can track your progress.
My History and Qualifications:
My career in the golf industry started in 2003 in Grand Haven, Michigan where I worked at a local golf course. I started in guest services then moved into the golf shop and even had some opportunities to try my hand at teaching this great game.
In 2004, I enrolled in the PGA Golf Management Program at Ferris State University where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Marketing as well as my PGA of America Membership. While enrolled in that program I had a chance to work at several facilities in Michigan, Colorado and Florida where I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge on all aspects of the industry.
After college, I took a job working at a private club in Waco, TX where I had my hands on everything from golf shop merchandising to Junior Golf Camps and private instruction. I built up quite a list of clients while in Texas. In 2010, life brought me to a spot just outside of Omaha, NE where I was able to find work with the PGA Golf Management Program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
This is the role that currently occupies most of my time. I am a faculty member in the program and most of my efforts are focused on preparing other individuals for careers in the golf industry. I specialize in teaching future golf instructors. I have former students who have had success across the US and as far away as London, UK and Beijing, China. I have enjoyed my time as a teacher of the teachers and that time has given me some unique insights through teaching, learning and research into golf instruction that I can bring to my own practice.  The Nebraska PGA has recognized my efforts in education twice by awarding me the Horton Smith Award (2017 and 2019).
I have a unique passion for teaching that is driven by my own personal mission to help people to enjoy their short time on Earth as much as possible.
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